About Our Business

Emergentag is an online resource for families and individuals who may have a need for a caregiving agency as well as invaluable information about caring for family members. We are committed to providing our readers with the latest updates and trends in the caregiving industry as well as any helpful information to better care for certain members of the family who may require special loving care such as babies, the elderly, and adults with debilitating diseases or illnesses.

caregiving agency

We are composed of a team of healthcare professionals and caregivers who have been in the healthcare and caregiving industry for several decades now. We have met many families who were at a loss as to how to properly care for their loved ones especially those with special needs. That is when we have decided to pool our resources and our expertise in caregiving. We believe it is our duty to help others who may have problems by sharing what we know about caregiving.

Emergentag also provides a presentation of some of the more common health conditions that families face in caregiving such as assisting with mobilization and self-care, wound management, and even encouraging respiratory hygiene. We know these, and a whole lot more, are what families and individuals would want to learn to be able to care better for their family members and loved ones.